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Patch 1.03 is one of the Patches in the game Champions of Breakfast.

List of changes[]


  • Community event progress is now displayed on the character selection menu.
  • When this bar completes the Teapot character will be unlocked for all current and future players.
  • More community events like this are planned for the future.
  • This progress bar will update every hour on the 30 minute mark.


  • Reworked drawing layers for bullets
  • Egg trails will now appear on top of enemies
  • All enemy bullets will now be on top of your passives.
  • All enemy bullets will now be under your primary weapons.
  • The Chair bosses Cushion Bombs will now deal 1 damage down from 2
  • This should make the randomization of the fight feel a bit more fair
  • Duplicate super foods will no longer drop from mini-bosses.
  • This prevents the awful feeling of wasted pickups

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