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Patch 1.05 is one of the Patches in the game Champions of Breakfast.

List of changes[]


  • Additional names have been added to special thanks
  • Thanks! :D
  • Names longer than 22 characters are now cut-off on the leader-boards
  • No more massive names covering up scores.
  • You can now take steam-integrated pictures with f12 (or your keybind)
  • Share your crazy passive combinations with friends!


  • Butter-pads will no longer drop at maximum health
  • This just felt bad and didn't offer any benefits.
  • The Whisk now has a visual effect when using Orange Juice
  • This should now make it more apparent that you are being healed.
  • The Whisk now heals for 5 health per use of Orange Juice down from 1/2 of your missing health.
  • No more limited invulnerability at large amounts of health.
  • The Tub now has the proper amount of health in Hard Mode (Post Gazebo Run)
  • This health is intentionally scaled down in Normal Mode.
  • Damage dealt by the Whisk when firing Egg has been halved
  • The damage on this power was just too high and could easily dispatch bosses.
  • Damage dealt by the Toaster when firing Egg has been doubled.
  • The damage on this power was too low and would sometimes be unable to clear the screen.


  • The Steam connection should now be more resilient to unstable network connections.
  • This should stop the blank leader-board issue.
  • This should also ensure achievements are always obtained.

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