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Patch 1.07 is one of the Patches in the game Champions of Breakfast.

List of changes[]


  • The Death Screen has been updated to display additional statistics from your run
  • Total Kills
  • Highest Score Multiplier
  • Total Time
  • Weapon Accuracy


  • The Sink on Hard Mode no longer has a shield.
  • This didn't add much to the gameplay and was visually annoying.
  • Hard-Mode remains unchanged
  • Enemy Shields now block weapons instead of allowing them to pass through.
  • This also makes a pinging block sound for primary weapons.


  • The community event for the Teapot unlock has been changed to 750,000 down from 1,000,000
  • This was taking much longer than we anticipated and we wanted to get this cool character into your hands.
  • As this is our first community event we can properly pace the next one based on this.
  • Make Paula Proud now requires 5 Butter Sticks down from 10
  • This was just a bit too hard to achieve and should be easier now.
  • 10 new achievements have been added
  • Go check them out!
  • The Toilet will no longer grant a boss kill achievement for the Bath Tub.
  • Woops!

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