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Patch 1.09 is one of the Patches in the game Champions of Breakfast.

List of changes[]


  • Each boss will now drop a set of three special passives.
  • These passives have vastly improved abilities and will not appear anywhere else.
  • Choosing one of these passives will destroy the other two.
  • Right now there are only 5 of these in the game but we plan to release 24 in total.
  • Passives now make a sound when striking enemies.
  • Due to the amount of projectiles you can achieve this sound is intentionally faint.
  • The interface can now display 120 passives up from 30.
  • This allowed us to split the interface into common passives and boss passives.
  • Common passives drop off normal enemies and boss passives must be selected from boss kills.
  • Bouncing bullets are now absorbed by enemy shields.
  • This intentionally reduces the strength of bouncing attacks.
  • Maximum health is now capped at 50.
  • Health values inflating trivialized the game.
  • Enemies now attack faster based on the difficulty of the game.
  • The farther you go the more insane it will become.


  • Achievements should now work in Offline Mode on Steam.
  • This works with both granting new achievements and detecting already attained achievements.
  • This only works in Offline Mode you must still have Steam open.
  • New achievements have been added for each common passive.
  • These achievements unlock at random from boss kills.
  • Once unlocked the passive tied to this achievement will drop in game.
  • With this new system we can quickly and easily add more passives.
  • This change resulted in all obtained passives being cleared which was unavoidable.
  • New achievements have been added for each character.
  • Same reasoning and impact as the passives change.
  • Characters are unlocked through difficult and sometimes hidden methods.
  • For those of you that had the Whisk you will need to unlock it again.

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