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Patch 1.13 is one of the Patches in the game Champions of Breakfast.

List of changes[]


  • Toaster Oven Event
  • The Toaster Oven has now been released to the public.
  • Great job defeating those bosses!
  • New Community Event
  • The next champion wields an incredibly powerful cannon
  • Unleash the powers of Super Foods to help unlock them!
  • Wiki
  • Wiki Created
  • Wall Of Shame
  • Scores caught by anti-cheat will now be posted on the Wall of Shame


  • Secret Level
  • Beating the Secret Level will no longer push you into hard mode
  • The Whisk's basic attack now has a larger hitbox
  • The Whisk's Habanero attack now has a larger hitbox
  • The Toaster now has a smaller hitbox
  • The Toaster Oven's basic strudel damage has been reduced to 1 down from 2
  • The Toaster Oven's basic egg strudel projectiles now travel faster
  • The Bread Maker is now unlockable
  • Activating a Super Food now resets your attack speed timer
  • The Teapot's basic attack now deals 0.4 damage down from 0.5
  • Some enemy distributions on Normal Mode have been made easier
  • Enemy distribution on Hard Mode remains unchanged
  • All enemies now flash red instead of white when damaged
  • The Ultimate Evil now spawns enemies more slowly
  • Bosses will now always drop 3 different passives
  • Marmalade healing has been increased by 50%
  • Black Jelly now deals 0.75 damage down from 1.0
  • Black Jelly now fires once every 0.5 seconds down from 1.0
  • Blackberry now deals 0.50 per bit down from 1.0
  • The score bonus for each spice has been increased to 20%
  • The maximum bonus is now 1848%
  • Using a Super Food with Sesame Seeds activated will no longer kill you
  • Black Peppercorn no longer reduces the drop rate of Butter Pads below 1

Interface and Menus[]

  • A large number of achievements have been added to the game
  • Make Paula Proud now takes 5 sticks of butter down from 10
  • The Sesame Seeds spice will no longer bar you from getting no-hit achievements
  • Performance
  • Reduced a very large number of redundant draw calls to improve performance
  • Fonts
  • The general font has been changed to a unicode version that is more readable
  • The Pancake font has been updated for Russian localization
  • Information
  • Mousing over champions now displays information about them
  • Mousing over the community event gives information about the event

External links[]

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