Champions of Breakfast Wiki

The following is a list of spices which can be found in the Spice Rack.

Spices may be enabled or disabled between runs and apply a multiplicative score bonus for each activated spice.

The current maximum score bonus with all spices active is 1072%

List of Spices[]

Icon Name Score Bonus Description
VanillaExtract.png Vanilla Extract +20% Enemies may release damaging vanilla blossoms on death.
BayLeaves.png Bay Leaf +20% Enemies may fire a damaging Bay Leaf on attack.
CayennePepper.png Cayenne Pepper +20% Enemies may fire a damaging pepper on death.
ChiliPowder.png Chili Powder +20% Super Foods take longer to recharge.
Thyme.png Thyme +20% Bosses now have an enrage timer.
CinnamonSticks.png Cinnamon Sticks +20% Enemies may fire a damaging spoon on attack.
Nutmeg.png Nutmeg +20% Enemies deal additional damage.
OnionPowder.png Onion Powder +20% Enemies may drop damaging onion slices on death.
Oregano.png Oregano +20% Melee enemies move faster.
Paprika.png Paprika +20% Enemies may fire a damaging pepper on attack.
Salt.png Salt +20% All healing received is significantly reduced.
GroundBlackPepper.png Ground Black Pepper +20% Your starting health is reduced by one.
SesameSeeds.png Sesame Seeds +20% Using a Super Food damages you.
BlackPeppercorn.png Black Peppercorn +20% Butter drops less frequently.
Cumin.png Cumin +20% Enemy health increased.
Basil.png Basil +20% The longer you take the more damage they deal.