Champions of Breakfast Wiki

The following is a list of Super Foods in the game Champions of Breakfast.

  • Super Foods are dropped by Mini-Bosses when defeated.
  • The type of Super Food dropped is random.
  • If you have a Super Food the random drop will never be the same Super Food.
  • Super Foods must recharge before they can be used.
  • Super Foods can be very advantageous in tight situations.
  • Super Foods should be saved for tougher enemies whenever possible.
  • Using Super Foods strategically is critical for a good run.
  • The effects of Super Foods change depending on which Champion is used.

List of Super Foods[]

Icon Name Description
CoffeeSuper.png Coffee Speeds up and modifies basic attacks.
EggSuper.png Egg Launches Egg based super abilities.
HabaneroSuper.png Habanero Launches Fiery super abilities.
JellySuper.png Jelly Launches bouncing Jelly super abilities
OrangeJuiceSuper.png Orange Juice Launches Orange super abilities.
PancakeSuper.png Pancake Launches Pancake super abilities.