Champions of Breakfast Wiki

The Blender is one of the Champions in the game Champions of Breakfast. BlenderSelect.png

  • The Blender has very low base health
  • The Blender has an extremely fast rate of fire
  • The Blender’s projectiles do high damage
The Blender rapidly fires various food items in a tight cone out in front of it. It has the lowest base health of all Champions, at only 2. However, this is heftily compensated, granted that it deals significant damage and can absorb bullets using its abilities. Even puddles left by paint cans, rotten food, etc. can be absorbed!


  • All Superfoods for the The Blender consume every enemy bullet on the screen -- converting each one into a powerful projectile
  • Habanero - Fires spicy clouds in the direction the Blender is facing
  • Jelly - Fires bouncing jellybeans in all directions
  • Egg - Disperses landmine eggs in a random area around The Blender
  • Pancake - Fires fast moving pancakes in all directions
  • Orange Juice - Regenerates health for every bullet consumed
  • Coffee - Fires slow moving coffee tins in all directions